Convicted of trading drugs

On Tuesday the chamber judge Jorge Chávez, chaired the oral and public debate in a single person, whose sole defendant was Gian Lucca González, who was represented by the official defender Dr. Ana Pompo, while the Prosecutor’s Office was Dr. Patricia Kloster.

The case was raised at the request of the Prosecutor of the Federal Court of Caleta Olivia, lI pray that the staff of the Puerto San Julián Investigations Division, on the night of October 9, proceeded to Smooth a house on 1200 Berutti street, within the framework of actions for infringement of the Narcotics Law No. 23,737.

Said procedure was ordered by the Federal Court based in the city of Caleta Olivia, under the coordination of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the same city.

DDI personnel were present at the house and the raid began, in which they proceeded to seize 300 grams of marijuana, precision scales, replicas of firearms, cutting and stretching elements, seeds in a state of germination, cell phones, computer elements, magazines related to cannabis culture, pipes, tuqueras, tucas, shredders, reading papers, notebooks with various annotations, polyethylene wrappers, micro SD cards and cash.

In the framework of the operation called “Green missile in the closet”, a person established an address at the disposal of those federal courts, remaining linked to the case.

The Prosecutor made the proposal for an abbreviated trial, in which she classifies the facts attributed to González as appropriate to the criminal figure of possession of narcotics for marketing purposes as a secondary participant, requesting Gian Lucca González is sentenced to three years in prison, which may be suspended for not registering antecedent.

For her part, Dr. Pompo, on behalf of Gian Lucca González, adheres to the Prosecutor’s proposal, expressly stating that it reaches the existence of the fact that is attributed to her ward in the request for a trial, sharing the legal qualification that the representative of the public vindictive formulates when proposing the abbreviated trial process, the amount of the required penalty and the form of compliance.

During the hearing, which was presided over by Judge Chávez, who questioned the defendant, and he accepted the adhesion of his Defender to the proposal for an abbreviated trial presented by the public vindict and, where appropriate, if he recognized his participation in the proceedings. attributed facts, he consented to the legal qualification assigned to him and the proposed penalty; expressly stating that he ratified the acceptance made by his defender of the abbreviated trial proposal, acknowledging his participation and responsibility in the facts attributed in the request for a trial, the legal qualification assigned to him and the penalty that has been proposed.

For all the above, after evaluating the evidence received in the investigation, the proposal made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Defense; the admission made by the defendant, in accordance with the cited legal provisions, this Oral Federal Criminal Court of the Province of Santa Cruz,


1- Declare admissible the proposal for an abbreviated trial brought to the consideration of the Court.

2- Condemn Gian Lucca González, for

be a criminally responsible perpetrator of the crime of possession of narcotic drugs for commercialization purposes as a participant secondary to the penalty of 3 years in suspended prison.

3- Impose Gian Lucca González, for the

within three years, the obligation to establish domicile, make monthly presentations to the Argentine Naval Prefecture, Puerto San Julián Delegation, refrain from consuming narcotic substances and abusing alcoholic beverages, under warning.

One of the elements seized during the procedure.

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