Convicted of femicide in São Mateus do Sul

the confessed defendant Alisson Ferraz Barbosa, accused by the femicide of the ex-wife Elza Ribeiro Micharski, 22 years old, in São Mateus do Sul, 156 kilometers from Curitiba, was condemned by popular jury to 29 years and four months in prison, on Thursday night (25). (Watch the video with the sentence at the end)

The conviction of the victim’s ex-husband was unanimously voted by a 100% male jury in the International Day for Nonviolence Against Women. The sentence must be served in a closed regime.

Elza Ribeiro Micharski was killed at age 22, in May 2019, in São Mateus do Sul.
Photo: Family archive.

After a 15-hour session, the sentence was handed down at 11:40 pm by Judge Cecília Leszczynski Guetter, in the District of São Mateus do Sul of the Jury Court. The maximum penalty could reach up to 30 years, with a minimum of 12.

Alisson was convicted of a femicide offense for a mean, half cruel reason and through an appeal that made it impossible for the victim to be defended.

Lawyers for the victim’s family, Igor José Ogar, Rodrigo Cunha and Alysson Oliveira, celebrated the outcome of the trial. “The prosecution assistance, together with the Public Ministry, succeeded in all the notations and accusations referring to the complaint itself”, celebrates Ogar, in an interview with Band B.

Since the beginning of the process, Elza’s defense alleges that, before being killed, the young woman begged for help and said that she knew she was going to die, not having been assisted by the authorities. At the time of the crime, the Band B contacted the Civil Police of Paraná, the Judiciary Branch and the Public Ministry, who manifested themselves through official notes about the claims.

According to the defense, “the possibility of demand in the face of the State will still be carefully analyzed”, says Ogar.

The crime of femicide in São Mateus do Sul

Elza was killed by her ex-husband on May 5, 2019, aged 22, in Praça do Olho, in the center of São Mateus do Sul, after suffering blows from an iron bar and then being run over twice. She did not resist injuries to her head and abdomen.

The victim and the convict were married for seven years and, according to information from the Civil Police, the accused did not accept the end of their relationship, which would have motivated the crime. Alisson was arrested in the act, shortly thereafter, at her parents’ house. In testimony at the time, he admitted the crime and stated that he was “angry” with Elza.

The defendant’s trial came after six adjournments of the session since January 2021. Throughout the process, Alisson was held in pre-trial detention.

Defendant’s defense

The report of Band B tries to contact the defense of the person convicted of femicide in São Mateus do Sul and keeps the space open for demonstrations.

Video with the judge’s sentence in the case of femicide

Video: Jury Court Youtube Reproduction.

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