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The determination was made after cardiac specialists ruled out all possibility of life, because before the operation he had spent six weeks bedridden and connected to a machine in order to survive.

“It was either die or do that transplant (…) I know it’s a shot in the dark, but it’s my last option”, Bennet told the ‘BBC’, after having been in operation for seven hours.

For its part, science thus opened the doors to save future lives in danger thanks to this type of procedure. In October 2021, a pig kidney transplant was also performed on a human being, but this was in a vegetative state at the time of the operation, so its possible future health complications could not be determined.

“This was a revolutionary surgery and brings us one step closer to solving the organ shortage crisis. Simply, there are not enough human hearts of donors available to meet the long list of potential recipients”, said Dr. Bartley Griffith, responsible for the operation, in a press release from the medical entity.

However, the feelings did not sink in so well. Leslie Shumaker, whose brother was stabbed by this heart patient, who left him with a wound that caused permanent paralysis, according to the ‘Washington Post’.

“My brother suffered through the devastation and trauma that my family had to deal with for years and years. Now he (David Bennet) gets a second chance with a new heart, but I wish, in my opinion, it had gone to a deserving recipient.” Shumaker told the ‘Post’.

Moment when they are transplanting the pig heart.


University Hospital of Maryland.

The judicial expert ruled that Bennet gave him seven stabs to Ed Shumaker, allegedly after seeing him flirting with his wife.

Immediately, the authorities began the investigation and ruled 10 years in prison, plus the payment of 3.4 million dollars in damages. These were never paid, as mentioned by the Shumaker family to the aforementioned medium.

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Ed was in a wheelchair for approximately 20 years before he died as a result of a stroke. stroke in 2005.

The affectations of that man fell on the Shumaker family, who had to request several loans to pay for his maintenance, this implied adapting spaces in the house, therapies and means of transport appropriate to his disability.

Likewise, Ed’s brother, an emergency medical technician, who had left him at the bar the day of the attack, fell into depression and became addicted to opioids as he felt guilty about the event. He would then die at the age of 28 years due to an overdose, reported the newspaper ‘The Independent’.

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Clinical procedures cannot be subject to the patient’s judicial past.

For his part, Bennet’s son, David Bennet Jr., said he did not want to talk about his father’s past and applauded his father’s courage for agreeing to such risky treatment.

“My intention here is not to talk about my father’s past. My intention is to focus on innovative surgery and my father’s desire to contribute to science and the possibility of saving patient lives in the future”, Bennet Jr. told The Independent newspaper.

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