Controversy over former green beret who is now trans and fights against women

A recent bout of transgender athlete Alana McLaughlin sparked controversy in the arena of female mixed martial arts (MMA) fights.

What McLaughlin actually unleashed was, again, the debate about the force that as a man he imposes on female competitors.

She resolved her debut fight against the French Celine Provost, with a shot called “padlock” in which, according to the broadcast video, she imposes a superior force on her opponent. He settled the fight in 3m32s of the second round.

From different sectors, including specialized journalists, they once again repudiated the participation of McLaughlin, 38, born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with the name “Ryan”.

Faced with the incursion of the second trans participant in the Global Combat circuit, photos of McLaughlin’s passage by the special forces of the United States Army, known as Green Berets, were also released.

In 2003 he enlisted in that force and for the next six years he fought in Afghanistan.

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