Controversial manager of Simas Torreón appointed

Lauro Villarreal took office yesterday as the new general manager of Simas Torreón; His appointment was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors for the period from 2022 to 2024.

It was yesterday afternoon when the members of the council, including the mayor of Torreón, protested the new official in Torreón, who was proposed by Román Cepeda himself in a list that also included Rogelio Visuett Fragoso and Everardo Facio López. .

In this way, Villarreal acquires legal powers to execute and take charge of the various lawsuits, collections and administrative acts of the Simas Torreón with all the corresponding powers, even those that require special situations.

Regarding the appointment of Villarreal as the new head of the general management of the Simas Torreón, the mayor pointed out that it is not only a project for the municipal office, but that it seeks to execute a “work plan” that concr…

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