Contagions between personnel delay COVID tests in Radar Jalisco

They are logistical issues, such as the reduction of personnel due to infections, which cause delays to schedule an appointment in the Radar system to perform the COVID test, said the governor of Jalisco; denied that there is a lack of tests and reiterated that they have enough inputs to continue applying the tests.

“Yes there is sufficient evidence”

“There is no lack of evidence, we have sufficient evidenceObviously there is pressure and there is more people requesting evidence. What we ask is only that you help us to go the right way in the public sector, to be able to request your appointment in the Jalisco Radar system. We have seen some saturated private laboratories, we understand that the pressure has increased and we are trying to increase our operating capacity. These are logistical issues that we are still adjusting to reduce the waiting time for appointments; but yes there is sufficient evidence. It is also a personal problem, because we have many infected And that has also complicated the operation. It is not a lack of evidence, it is only the pressure we have today with the large number of infections that exist in Jalisco”, He stated.

Pharmacies warn of possible shortage of medicines due to omicron

Added that hospital occupancy, which is around 20%, allows the actions announced this week to be maintained, defended the request of vaccination certificate to attend recreational activities and leisure, he said that it can encourage those who have not been vaccinated to go to receive the biological. He criticized the undersecretary of health, Hugo López Gatell, who questioned the usefulness of conditioning some activities on having proof of vaccination.

The head of the state Executive Power commented that in two weeks the digital application will be available to have a local vaccination certificate. He reiterated that the commitment of citizens is needed not to want to deceive and not seek to falsify the vouchers, he recalled that falsifying an official document is a crime.

In a meeting with the members of the Western Mexican Council for Foreign Trade, the governor said that Jalisco is ready for the moment that the possibility of buying vaccines to immunize population groups not included in the national vaccination scheme opens. Regarding the return to classes, he commented that the presence will be optional and announced that this Friday they will update the statistics on the confirmation of cases of the omicron variant.



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