Consuelo Duval and Itatí Cantoral overshadow Lucero wearing their charms with openings to the navel

A night full of surprises brought once more The Challenger, where Consuelo Duval e Itatí Cantoral opacan a Lucero sporting her charms with openings to the navel. The three beauties impressed viewers with their beauty and dazzling style, which completely captivated everyone’s attention, although it was two of them that did not leave much to the imagination.

Both the host of El Retador, Consuelo Duval, as one of the judges, Itatí CantoralThey did not leave much to the imagination, leaving their charms uncovered, each one with its own particular style, in elegant, but very revealing outfits that completely took the night away, one in a skirt and the other in pants.

In the case of the actress and comedian who gives life to Federica P. Luche on The P. Luche Family, she looked dazzling in a detailed and luxurious purple jumpsuit, the creation of designers Víctor & Jesse, who strived for the original and spectacular garment, ideal for women to look from the youngest to those over 40 years old.

It is a jumpsuit with wide trousers and a low-cut top to the navel, whose mystical design is debated between the elegant and the flirtatious, composed of details in purple, pink and light blue sequins, on a black background, and applications of stones, which They gave life and light to the wise outfit.

For her part, the beautiful Itatí Cantoral became Barbie of flesh and blood, looking impressive with a revealing blazer-style dress in a bench color and with gold buttons, as well as large shoulder pads, which she combined with vibrant pink stilettos that complemented her flirty outfit .

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What caught the attention of the famous interpreter of Soraya Montenegro in the telenovela Maria from the neighborhoodIt was her pronounced neckline impossible to ignore, and her extraordinary short hair wig that took several years off her mind.

For its part, Lucero She preferred a more discreet rocker-style look composed of a black tubular T-shirt dress with some patches, which she combined with a jean jacket adorned with chains and silver details, as well as a shiny and elegant diamond belt, which highlighted her waist.

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The Girlfriend of america He attracted attention with his peculiar hairstyle, paying tribute to one of the most memorable characters he has played, the villain of the soap opera Bonds of love, María Paula, and even, imitated her well-known tic, combing her eyebrow with her little finger, through her Instagram account.

Consuelo Duval and Itatí Cantoral overshadow Lucero showing off their charms with openings to the navel. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / SPECIAL

It is a super tall and polished ponytail, as well as long and straight, the same one that all the time wore and identified the evil of the triplets from the hit 1996 soap opera, where Lucero gained great recognition by playing the three main characters.

Without a doubt, Sunday to Sunday, both the driver of Divine Net, Consuelo Duval, as well as Itatí Cantoral and Lucero, they dazzle with their beauty and impress with their original outfits while amusing everyone with their witticisms, which always put the most talented in trouble Manuel Mijares placeholder image.

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