Confirmed: Nora Vicario will be the next Minister of Tourism

Nora Vicario, along with Governor Rodolfo Suarez and part of his cabinet, including the outgoing Mariana Juri.jpg

A) Yes confirmed to Diario UNO, the environment of the mayor Ulpiano Suarez, who after ratifying with the same governor the fate of his official, at this time define in turn who will be your next Media Secretary, before the imminent departure of Vicario, which would take place in December.

The election of Vicar for the position of Minister of Tourism and Culture is not minor, since inside the radicalism and the Cambia Mendoza front the political message is that the governor gave that key area to an official who grew up with him and is considered to be his kidney.

In this way, Suarez resolved the second change that he will have to make in his cabinet, since in December also in addition to replacing Mariana Juri, he will also have to renew his Minister of Finance, Lisandro Nieri, who will also go to Congress to occupy the seat that Alfredo Cornejo will leave, in whose position the name of Víctor Fayad Jr., better known as “El Peque” Fayad, now undersecretary of Finance of the province, is already ringing louder.

Nora Vicario was the ideologist of several tourism and cultural promotion policies that Mayor Suarez promoted in these two years of management, and in fact she is behind many others that will be inaugurated next weekend.

A ministry with great changes in Culture

Sources close to the next minister also analyzed that Vicar will receive an “ordained ministry, with an armed team and with recent changes in the area of ​​Culture., which guarantee support and accompaniment “.

The changes they refer to are the ones you made recently Mariana Juri, who almost completely modified the Culture team and defined who will be in charge of one of the jewels of that portfolio, the National Harvest Festival.

In that area, the recent appointees are Pablo Moreno, as director of Cultural Production and Harvest, replacing Alejandro Pelegrina, Fabián Sama, which recently took over as the new Director of Cultural Strategies, in place of the resignation Gustavo Tarantuviez; the Director of Artistic Management is the renowned actor Marcelo Lacerna, who in turn replaced Pablo Moreno; Horacio Chiavazza, is the director of Cultural Heritage and Museums.

Those close to Vicario are excited because he will have to start managing the Tourism area during the summer, the time of year when a real recovery of Mendoza as a tourist destination is expected, so much so that it is speculated that they may break, such as It was during the last extra-long weekend, the record for visits prior to the pandemic.

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