Compulsory vaccination in health | “It’s really a failure”, affirms Dominique Anglade

(Quebec) An Angladian government would have proceeded earlier with compulsory vaccination in the health network, and giving itself greater leeway.

This was suggested in an interview on Thursday, the leader of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade, who returned to the “failure” of the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

According to her, the minister stuck himself in too tight a deadline, announcing in September that vaccination would be mandatory from October 15.

Seeing that a good number of employees refused to be vaccinated, and that their departure risked jeopardizing the network, he had to back down on this goal on Wednesday and push the deadline back to November 15.

“It’s really a failure,” said Mme Anglade. It would have been different if he had done it earlier. We always wait with the CAQ at the last minute to make a decision. After that, we are stuck with problems. ”

A Liberal government would have announced mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers in January 2021 and would have given itself six months, not six weeks, to implement it, she said.

” When you have time […] to say: “We will prioritize health workers, we will […] raise awareness ”, there is a lot of work that can be done upstream. Of course, if you wait until the last minute, you’re taken aback. ”

The Liberal leader maintains that it would have been possible at first to impose compulsory vaccination in health, then to extend it during the summer to other sectors, such as education.

Now, “the bargaining power is drastically affected, that’s the reality,” she laments. The antivax, they won, because you gave them the big end of the stick.

“If you didn’t follow through on your threat this time around, what’s going to make them think it’s going to be okay next time?” That is what is at stake, hence the really important failure of Minister Dubé.

“He has just lost a huge balance of power,” she insists.

Attract labor

Mme Anglade also says that it is fully aware of the labor shortage that is rampant in the health network as well as everywhere else in Quebec.

While touring the North Shore, she proposed various measures to retain workers, including a total contribution holiday to the Quebec Pension Plan for those 62 and over who return to work.

This would represent savings of $ 3,300 per year. The Liberals would also increase the eligibility threshold for the tax credit for experienced workers from $ 35,205 to $ 45,000.

They also propose to raise the immigration thresholds to 52,000, to speed up the processing of skilled worker files in ARRIMA and to regularize the status of immigrants with precarious status.

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