Comcast successfully tests experimental 10G modem

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While cell phone companies promote 5G as the great innovation in mobile technology, those that offer broadband internet are already talking about 10G. One of them is Comcast, which advertisement which successfully tested a prototype modem called DOCSIS 4.0, with which it achieved astonishing symmetric speed.

According to Comcast, its modem achieved a symmetric speed (that is, upload and download) of 4Gbps. For reference, the internet of Google Fiber —One of the leading broadband internet providers in the United States — reaches 2Gbps.

Comcast notes that the 4Gbps was recorded under test conditions within a laboratory. However, Comcast ensures that its modem, which works with a system called “Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0 system-on-chip (SoC)” can reach 10Gbps, which is roughly the promise of connection speed of 10G networks.

Comcast did not offer details on when it could start commercializing its residential 10G connection technology. However, these kinds of announcements tend to be more suggestive of the profile of a technology that will be used in the medium term (about five years), rather than an indication that in the short term (one or two years) we will see connections with it. speed class.

Likewise, it is certainly impossible right now to think of real use scenarios about how a group of residential internet users could benefit from a symmetric 4Gbps connection, especially if we consider that the most common use could be streaming content in 4K, for which a 25Mbps connection is more than enough.

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