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They are those eyes that look at me through the window. As I leave the house, a small and beautiful four-legged being looks at me with so much feeling that it makes me uneasy. Something moves in me when I see him like this, but he has the certainty that I will return and that love, now I understand, is very great. Before I did not understand how someone could ask for a reward for a dog, I would stop to look at the signs and think: “Who can love a dog so much?” Now I do know. It is not a lie when saying that a pet or a dog is like a son, one more member of the house that requires affection, attention, food and of course education. It is such a great responsibility and so comforting at the same time, they are the most grateful beings. There is a feeling of fragility when receiving him from a very young age because you become that mother that he needs and I say mother because in my case, when I went to an adoption center, my dog ​​Figo, along with his brothers Beethoven and Rocky, were abandoned when his death mother under a truck, since when she was born in the worst conditions this dog died. At least the three of them were rescued and fell into good hands and then assigned not only a place but a family.

Enjoy your free time with your dog / Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

If someone has not had the opportunity to adopt a pet, they are missing out on a lot. There are so many places with committed people who really love animals, they are serious associations that the only thing they seek is to give a decent home to a being that never hurts anyone, in truth, dogs are only love: they welcome you gladly upon arrival, they will never leave you and there is no more light for them in their day than to be able to see you. Even if you scold them, do not take them out for a walk, leave the city, they will always be there for you, welcoming you like sometimes humans are not capable.

Educate him with love and time will pay off / Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

When I get up, Figo is the first to recognize my steps and in the distance I hear that golden bell dance on his necklace. He approaches as if his eyes speak, with a tenderness that seems to smile. His antics are not always pleasant, such as the shoes he has destroyed, a set of cups that fell apart, my curtains have undergone some alterations, I have missed the newspaper because he already did the favor of breaking it and between learning to go to the bathroom Well, there is a lot to clean. It is in our hands to educate this pet, with love and patience; The rest of the family -especially children- learn the respect and treatment that animals deserve because they are not toys, they are living beings and it is a way of fostering a responsibility that after the stage of emotion involves walking it, taking it to the vet, giving it to eat. Dogs are essential at home and they are much needed when they are not around, they are unconditional and fun company.

In addition, in the pandemic they became the best companions, both for adults and children, they surely wondered why their owners were so much at home and I think the only thing that was achieved was to create stronger ties.

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