Colonia 7 de Noviembre de Gómez Palacio property catches fire

Elements of the Fire Department and Civil Protection of Gómez Palacio mobilized after the fire was reported in a property located in the 7 de Noviembre de Gómez Palacio neighborhood.

According to the first reports, it was reported that it was the residents of the sector who observed smoke coming out of the property located on Orquídeas street corner with Gardenias, so they immediately requested help from the 911 emergency line.

Quickly the prevention, aid and rescue personnel moved to the address on board the emergency units and a rapid attack machine where they found a burning hut. starting with the work to put out the fire as soon as possible due to the fact that the place was full of highly flammable items.

For 40 minutes the firefighters worked in the place until they managed to put out the fire completely, reporting the accident only material damage. since the owner of the property identified as Moisés, 68 years old, did not present any injuries, which explained to the authorities that the fire had originated in the area where six palms are located and that the flames had quickly spread to a hut where mother and cardboard are stored.

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