Colonel Pringles: Together he got more than 40 points from Frente de Todos

With more than 98% of the polls scrutinized -61 out of 62-, the Juntos front prevailed with tremendous forcefulness in the Coronel Pringles primary elections. The official space surpassed the Frente de Todos by more than 40 percentage points, which finished second, and was in excellent condition to win in November.

Within Juntos there were two competing lists. The one that obtained the most votes was the one supported by Mayor Lisandro Matzkin, who had Luis González Estevarena as the first candidate for councilor.

That roster obtained 5,344 votes, while the one led by former mayor Aldo Mensi garnered 2,417. The sum of both flows casts 7,761 votes, which represents 64.3% of those cast in Pringles.

Far behind was the Frente de Todos, with 22.1% of the votes, as a result of what their Celeste and Blanco 2 (1,749) and Celeste y Blanco 10 (921) lists obtained. The Left Front was in fourth place with 1,335 votes (11.1%), while Vamos por Vos closed with 297 votes (2.5%).

“I want to thank you for the effort you have made. It is not enough only with actions; You have to set the example, and you gave it. This is the first stage, we have another stage that is the final one and we have to reaffirm what we did today ”, expressed González Estevarena in the celebration in the campaign committee, together with the municipal mayor Lisandro Matzkin and the former communal chief and current councilor Carlos Berterret .

Berterret, Mayor Lisandro Matzkin and González Estevarena, great winners of the PASO in Pringles.

The now candidate affirmed that what was achieved in these primary elections should be ratified in the general elections in November, and the three – Estevarena, Matzkin and Berterret – agreed that the people supported what was done by the current municipal administration.

“The important thing is the unity of our space,” said the mayor. People see that there is management and our job is to continue managing. There is the explanation of the accompaniment: in the management, in the candidate and in the list. And that is what we are going to continue doing ”. (Colonel Pringles Agency)

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