Colombia vs. Honduras: Hernán Bolillo Gómez talks about the match and football – International Soccer – Sports

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“These are moments that are lived and will not last, because what the National Team dictates and its payroll is not to be doing those accounts, because it is going to score (the goals), it is going to go to the World Cup and it is going to calm down Colombia is going to the World Cup, it has experience. For me it is one of the 3 or 4 best in South America. You have to give it security and count game by game without looking back, “said Bolillo on the Win Sports program Saque Largo.

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“Modern football doesn’t exist. Every now and then I meet journalists and ask them what it is and they don’t have the answer. What happens is that there are young people studying and strange things are said and one makes you want to go to the game when you hear them, and and one sees the same”, said the DT.

And he finished gracefully: “I want to go to the stadium and see what they talk about, because when I hear them I don’t understand them, but when I see the teams I say: ‘ah yes, this is the same as always’!”, he said with a laugh.

In addition, he spoke about his work in Honduras and the team that will face Colombia on Sunday. “The Honduran soccer player is a coach, he needs good pitches. There are new players, the base can still work for 2026. It is important to work now, getting ahead of ourselves, as happened to me in Panama.”

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