Collapsed sections of the Trans-Canada Highway: local trucker stranded in Newfoundland

The Trans-Canada Highway has been cut in several places in Newfoundland since Tuesday due to heavy precipitation and a Quebec trucker is stuck there, stopped in a small isolated restaurant.

“I don’t know when I’m going to leave,” says Mikael Vachon.

The trucker from Tring-Jonction, in Beauce, is stuck in the parking lot of Crabbe’s River Restaurant, a typical trucker’s stop with a convenience store and a small restaurant, 100 kilometers from the Port-aux-Basques ferry.

The truck driver has been there since Tuesday after severe flooding swept through entire sections of the Trans-Canada Highway. “I left Saint-Jean on Tuesday morning, telling myself that I would park at the boat. I never surrendered, ”says Vachon.

Trucker Mikael Vachon.

Courtesy photo

Trucker Mikael Vachon.

Caught by the storm

The latter, who is only on his third visit to Maritime Island, was taken by the violence of the storm. Beyond the rain, the winds made driving extremely complicated.

“I did not meet anyone on the road for 170 kilometers and went into the storm, I understood why. It started suddenly, he says. My trailer was not full and the wind was blowing from my left, so I had to roll in the opposite lane so as not to tip into the ditch if the wind knocked me over. “

He eventually stopped at Crabbe’s River Restaurant, where another Quebec trucker informed him that the road was cut off in front of them. A dozen truckers are stuck in this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

“All that’s around is wood. But I’m still happy to have it because my lunches were starting to be low. As long as we can eat, we will be OK, even if I would not say no to a shower, ”jokes the trucker.

A week of work

And after 48 hours, Mikael Vachon still does not know when he will be able to leave. The other Quebecer he met on the spot made the bet to take the road in the opposite direction to join the Argentia ferry, eight hours later, which was put back into service yesterday evening.

“We are not even sure that it will work because it is a boat that usually does not work from September, which is smaller and which is not used to receiving trucks. And the crossing lasts 15 hours. I preferred to wait here, ”he explains.

Except he could have it for a few more days. Passing road workers gave him conflicting versions.

“Perhaps one told me tomorrow, another told me Monday and a third told me about next Wednesday,” recounts the driver who is beginning to find the time long.

“I spend my days watching the time go by,” he adds.

The Newfoundland Minister of Transport has indicated that repairs could take a week or more.

Rainfall in Port-aux-Basques

Mardi : 68 mm

Wednesday : 97 mm

Historical record in 24 hours between 20 and 30 November: 69,6 mm (November 21, 1981)

  • Four sections of various highways in the region were washed away

Source: Environment Canada

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