Cofepris alerts for false sale of molnupiravir, drug to treat Covid-19

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) alerted the population about the illegal marketing of molnupiravir, medicine to treat patients with Covid-19.

Although last week Cofepis approved the emergency use of molnupiravir, the authority warned people about the marketing of this drug, since irregular products with that name have been found.

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The products that were detected irregularly are:

MPIRAVIR, from the Merit laboratory. This medicine comes in a white box with green and yellow lines. On the label it is mentioned that it contains 40 capsules of 200 mg and with an expiration date of October 2023.

The other drug detected is MOLAZ, from Azista. The presentation is of a white box with orange and purple lines; contains 40 capsules of 200 mg and is offered over the counter.

Until now, Cofepris highlighted that it does not have authorization registration requests for these products, as well as their manufacture and components.

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Therefore, they stressed that the molnupiravir that is offered for free sale can put the health of the consumer at risk, due to the dubious origin of the drug.

Likewise, they invite people not to be fooled or risk their lives, since to obtain molnupiravir it is only given by means of a medical prescription.


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