Coahuila and Torreón authorities launch against federal cuts

Authorities of Coahuila and Torreón maintain positions against the budget reductions that were announced from the Federation for 2022. Yesterday, Monday, Governor Miguel Riquelme again regretted, from Torreón, that the entity of key investments in infrastructure, improvement of public security and other work projects that would mean an improvement to social and economic life.

At the end of the meeting of the Health Subcommittee in La Laguna yesterday, Riquelme Solís referred to the economic situation of the entity and the lack of federal support, of which he pointed out that “our entity will always be respectful of the presidential inauguration, I have said, but that is not why I will stop claiming what Coahuila is responsible for, in any case it does not pay attention, we have come forward with a lot of financial discipline, looking at the projects of priority interest for Coahuila and we are going to give a large sample of what we are here in Coahuila, projects that are not going to be financed by the Federation, but by public-private partnership … There is unity with businessmen, which is the important thing, there is unity with the labor sectors, there is employment, there is generation of wealth, there is direct foreign investment, there are favorable indicators, I am not inventing them, those indicators have already exceeded all expectations, “he said.

The governor also projected before the media a graph regarding the generation of employment this year in Coahuila, which highlighted the recovery of 36,119 jobs, of which 7,832 correspond to last August.


For his part, the mayor of Torreón, Jorge Zermeño Infante, recalled that “most” of the investment that has had to be made in the area of ​​public resources has been in charge of the Municipality of Torreón itself, with budget reductions del Fortaseg and later with his disappearance.

“The threat to suppress this branch for public security at the federal level was already coming, all the municipalities that received this resource stopped receiving it … We could have done more, we could have acquired more equipment, I still offered 15 or 17 more patrols.”

Zermeño also endorsed his respect for the presidential inauguration, but did not miss an opportunity to point out the federal government for reducing the budget, to the point of disappearing items such as the same Fund for Strengthening Public Security (Fortaseg), the same with which it supports the Municipal Police, a corporation in charge of preventive security throughout the municipality.

“I have always criticized him, that branch was created in 1998 and well, it was a federal support to all states, municipalities and apparently this president only sees what he wants to see. For him the National Guard and you have to invest in it It is very respectable, but the National Guard is not watching, nor is it doing prevention work in the interior of the cities, so the needs cannot be uncovered, “lamented the mayor of Torreón.

Low resources

Reclaman Miguel Riquelme y Jorge Zermeño que sigan las bajas en el presupuesto federal para 2022.

*Hicieron especial énfasis en el rubro de la seguridad pública, especialmente en el contexto de violencia que vive el país.

*Tampoco se han destinado recursos para mejorar la infraestructura carretera.

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