Classes last until December 20 and do not rule out calling “some group” in February

The Minister of Education of Santa Fe, Adriana Cantero, confirmed that the province’s teacher unions will be convened next week to discuss salary increases for the last quarter of the year. He also assured that the school year will end on December 20. Cantero made these statements at the provincial government headquarters, where he presented some pedagogical notebooks for primary and secondary levels that will be delivered throughout the province.

“Next week we will work with one hundred percent presence. With regard to Amsafé, joint meetings were called for next week. We are complying with the agreement signed last March, which determines to pay the last installment of the increase in September and, from there, to talk for the last part of the year. There has already been a joint meeting with the teaching unions to carry out technical and pedagogical work, the product of which will be called for registration for competitions for initial, primary and special levels, with our method – the only one in the country – of producing stability through our system on-line”. With regard to the schools in which Covid-19 infections were registered, the minister explained that in those cases they “proceed in accordance with the provisions of the 0800 School line. The protocols are in force and the schools apply these procedures, which are oiled according to the indications of the Health authorities ”.

The minister explained that the way to promote the school year will be through “qualitative evaluation, in accordance with the national agreement signed by all the country’s ministers of education, which proposes a process that considers a biennium as something continuous. The latest federal agreement sets parameters that have to do with the comprehensive view of the percentage of bonding and interaction with the school. This last quarter has an enormous weight in the evaluation ”. And he clarified that the school year will continue until December 20 and perhaps in February a priority group will be convened, according to the diagnosis made by the schools on the level of learning of the students. “We are in full swing of the Acompañar national plan, which implies the identification of schools with weakened trajectories to which human and material resources will be assigned this quarter, at all levels.”

“Also, work on Active Saturdays with the third and fourth years of high school; the Exit Without Debt plan for the last year of secondary school, and the strengthened tutorials for the primary and basic levels of secondary school ”, he added.

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