Ciro Seisas: “There is a possibility of building collectively beyond the crack”

Ciro Seisas was the most voted candidate in the City Council race. From the hand of mayor Pablo Javkin, he won the intern of the Civic and Social Progressive Front. In his analysis of the PASO in which he competed, he argued that Javkinism, a movement that emerges after the elections is “a group of people convinced that there is a possibility of collectively building beyond the crack.” And he stressed that “what is coming is very important and will be very nice”, because the people with whom he competed in the internship have “a lot of management experience; the synthesis of the two things will bring a very good result for everyone ”. And he maintained that his objective is “to make all the projects that Pablo Javkin has for the city viable”

Seisas considered that his performance represents “a show of support, trust, and great responsibility,” he told LT8. “I never thought that what ended up happening was going to happen; I knew we were going to make a good choice but I couldn’t measure it; it is still surprising and very strong; I didn’t quite understand it and it seems to me that this is the work that I have ahead of me, ”he explained. And he evaluated that “people have chosen people who know how to listen; Javkin says something very interesting: today society is more open, more horizontal, more diverse, and it looks for people who will listen; I am not saying that those who do not come from journalism do not listen, but people are sure that those of us who come from the media have that extra active listening and contact with what is happening ”.

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