Christian Bendayán shows the “Purge” of the Peruvian Amazon

Visiting Mexico for the first time, the plastic artist and curator Christian Bendayán will be responsible for inaugurating one of the first cultural days of the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL), with the Museum of Arts (MUSA) being the space that hostel to “Purga”, an exhibition with which Peru, guest of honor at the literary festival, will show part of its worldview from the tradition and essence of the original peoples from the Peruvian Amazon.

Prior to the inauguration that “Purga” will have tonight at the MUSA, Christian Bendayán, in an interview with EL INFORMADOR, delves into the details that shape this exhibition made up of more than 20 pieces that pass between the painting, the collage, video and ceramics, being this assembly the one that reactivates the international exhibitions of the author after being absent in person from the galleries, biennials and museums as a result of the pandemic.

Christian Bendayán, born in 1973 in Iquitos, Peru, explains that “Purge” is a constant word in the daily life of the Amazon, as it is a cleaning process that is carried out to restart, to take flight by leaving behind everything that is not of benefit, so migrating to painting this experience that he himself has witnessed was key to bring the viewer closer to a dialogue about how purges are also present on a daily basis in our way of living and relating to nature.

“The purge is a word that we use a lot in the Peruvian Amazon to refer to a process of cleansing the body and spirit. They are different stages and the purge is one of them; in the one: take a natural purgative to shed everything contaminated with what the body may be, we go through a diet with plant foods, small fish, plants, at different times of the day, it can take a week or even months ”.

Christian Bendayán highlights the importance of carrying out spiritual and physical purges to be reborn and reorganized in each area of ​​life, also emphasizing how this concept is more than ever present and necessary in the face of the various situations that each society and the world face in general, where the disconnection with nature is evident and the polarization between people also manifests itself more and more strongly.

“I believe that the Amazon and various cultures propose us to resume that relationship of respect, of dialogue with other elements of nature. Perhaps it is the reading that can be given to ‘Purga’, there is just a work that gives the exhibition its name, it has to do with that, reencounter with other beings, learn, see how plants, animals, how we relate we have been disconnecting ourselves from a healthy nature to impose our law, which we do not respect, I think that is taking its toll on us at this time ”.

Piece that is part of the sample: “Purge”. SPECIAL

In constant transformation

Bendayán, with extensive experience in international exhibitions and competitions such as the Venice Biennale, details that the works that make up “Purga” were made in the last three years, in addition to adding new pieces created especially for its meeting in Guadalajara: “Purga is a kind of revision of my past work, the last moments of a stage that lasted many years and that is now beginning to show signs of radical changes”, He comments when referring to how in his creative process purges and purges are also constant to conclude a work, since some pieces even carry other works after their final aesthetics that were transformed to what he initially conceived for the canvas.

“My work has been accompanied by my curatorial work, which as a curator I have developed more than 60 exhibitions around different productive stages and historical moments of the Amazon and its art. I have been looking for my own references, at some point it was with popular urban and street art and I was linked with several artists, I was very marked by that experience, then I worked with the historical part, 20th century painting, rescuing the image of figures that were important, all this marked a large part of my production ”.


Inauguration of the exhibition “Purga” by the Peruvian artist Christian Bendayán, at the MUSA, starting today at 8:00 pm; while at 4:30 p.m. there will be a face-to-face talk with the author in the museum courtyard. The entrance will be with previous registration in The exhibition will remain open to the public free of charge until February 27, 2022.


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