Chiquis Rivera tells his haters that he is happy to have a tremendous rearguard

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She is a woman who is undoubtedly always involved in controversies because her unique way of being and acting has made her earn the scorn of many people who seem to only want to follow her to find an opportunity to criticize her.

That is why Chiquis Rivera always responds to all those who hate her and this time she made a short video that she shared through her TikTok account where we see her walking uphill on some scales while wearing a pair of pants. leather, a stiletto boots and a blouse in a gold tone.

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Suddenly someone asks the singer of “White dove“Why do you smile so much and she answers that because she is happy, she is loved, she is blessed and there is no way she starts crying, and another reason she has to smile is that she has a huge rear guard that hits while climbing the stairs.

So according to the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera, These are enough reasons to smile, so she undoubtedly sent the hint to those who criticize her and who cannot bear to see the woman happy, now even premiering a new beau, after she divorced Lorenzo Méndez, with whom she tried to retry it one more time.

But the point is that Lorenzo Mendez It seems that he does not treat Chiquis as she would like, besides that she is usually flirtatious by nature and it seems that the former vocalist of the El Limón Band does not like this type of behavior in his partner, although he does practice them.

Chiquis Rivera tells his haters that he is happy to have a tremendous rearguard

But that story is behind us because now the 36-year-old American singer She is already enjoying her love affair with the photographer Emilio Sánchez, with whom she seems to be having incredible moments as they are wasting honey on all social networks.

So without a doubt these moments of happiness and joy that you are having Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He is not very happy with his detractors, but that simply works for the female who seems that every day she puts oil on her body so that everything slips off her.

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Chiquis with blue blouse and culottes

And well, to continue showing off their successes, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She appeared on Instagram wearing beautiful black pants combined with a blue blouse with a reptile print, in a blue tone, so we can certainly see that the aesthetic arrangements made by the singer suit her very well.

Besides that it must look amazing especially now that he prepares the release of the song “Baila Así” which he sings with Becky G, Thalia, and Play N Skillz, which has raised the interest of all the fans because the combination sounds interesting, besides this is an interesting proposal of genres.

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