Chiquis Rivera in corset and fishnet stockings, they accuse her of flattening her belly with touch-ups

Chiquis Rivera in a corset and fishnet stockings, and they accuse her of flattening her belly with touch-ups. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Living up to her flag of self-love and feeling proud of her body, the beautiful singer Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She looked spectacular in a corset and fishnet stockings, but some netizens accuse her of flattening her belly with touch-ups.

Posing provocatively in light garments, but without neglecting the Christmas flair with warm décor and a warm teddy coat, the daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, caused a sensation and drew sighs with her beauty.

In the images that the interpreter of White dove and Are you coming back, appears posing very flirtatious with a nude corset with embroidery and applications of small silver flowers and shiny stones, which highlighted her attributes, which she complemented with provocative fishnet stockings.

Janney Marin Rivera, better known as Chiquis Rivera, looked super happy and radiant, with her very straight and loose hair and super natural makeup. The beautiful regional singer spiced up her outfit by wearing incredible Cinderella-style slippers, with small applications.

The images are part of the campaign for the latest launch of its beauty and skincare products Be Flawless, of which she was quite happy and proud.

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“Celebrating my new release! Just in time for the holiday season! My mini magic pack comes with everything you need in travel size to keep your skin flawless even on the go, ”he wrote in the post.

Since a few days ago, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She has dedicated herself to showing her followers the products of her cosmetics and skin care brand, always with her very particular style, showing off her charms and beauty with tiny outfits.

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So far, the singer’s still wife Lorenzo Mendez, from whom she has been separated for a few months, has managed to obtain more than 97,600 likes with her publication and countless comments praising her beauty. Although it has not been saved from criticism by users who, they say, greatly retouched the images to look slimmer.

Some of the Instagrm users accused Chiquis Rivera placeholder image of flattening her abdomen using Photoshop, in order to look slimmer, while others supported them saying that it is not the first time that the 36-year-old artist uses filters and retouching to improve some aspects of her physique.

The truth is that, with or without retouching, the niece of Lupillo Rivera it looks fabulous, always radiating security, confidence and a special shine, very difficult to dull. Good for her!

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