China confined a city over a coronavirus outbreak among schoolchildren

The Chinese authorities decided to confine the residents of Xiamen, a city of 5 million people and one of the most populous in the southeastern province of Fujian, due to a recent outbreak of the coronavirus that added 60 new positives this Monday.

The National Health Commission of China reported on Tuesday that, of the 60 new local infections diagnosed this Monday (59 confirmed and one asymptomatic), 32 were located in Xiamen, and preliminary analyzes cited by the local press pointed to the presence of the most virulent Delta variant.

Authorities suspect that patient zero is a man who had returned from Singapore and developed symptoms after testing negative for coronavirus and completing a 14-day quarantine. Her 12-year-old son and a classmate were among the first infected just after the school year reopened. The virus has spread between classes, infecting more than 36 children, eight of them preschool-age, city officials said Tuesday.

The local newspaper The Paper advised of the entry into force, from last local midnight (16:00, GMT time), of the suspension of long-distance bus services, as part of a series of measures that include the return to classes online to students from kindergarten to college and the closure of all playgrounds.

Local press also indicated that all Xiamen residential complexes will remain “closed-loop,” preventing residents from leaving them, and only travelers with a negative nucleic acid test will be allowed access to the city’s airport. made a maximum of 48 hours before.

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