China bans female-looking men from video games

Despite being a country where some of the technology companies with the greatest global presence in the field of video game, China has government policies that have the interactive entertainment industry and users circumventing obstacles and assimilating restrictions.

One of the most controversial policies took place weeks ago, with the imposition on minors of only one hour of play a day on weekends and holidays, as a measure to combat addiction to video games.

But now the authorities of that country have struck a blow that is directed at the way in which men are represented in artistic and cultural expressions. entertainment, including video games, says Unocero.

The measure is part of the strategy of the National Radio and Television Administration with which it seeks greater regulation of artistic and entertainment shows and related personnel, in response to the contamination of the social atmosphere and the negative influence that exercised in youth.

In this way, the authorities have banned effeminate-looking men from video games and summoned local giants of the industry, such as Tencent and NetEase, to discuss points in this regard; remember that Tencent itself launched facial recognition technology to monitor compliance with the restrictions imposed on minors.

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It was the official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, which reported that “the obscene and violent contentas well as unhealthy upbringing tendencies, such as effeminacy and the celebration of money, must be removed ”.

In this regard, Derek Hird, a specialist in Chinese studies at Lancaster University, told AFP that the country’s leaders fear that excessive gaming contributes to a softening of the individual’s character, while Professor Geng Song of Hong University Kong noted that the perception is that effeminate men they are physically weak and emotionally fragile, which interferes with the idea that men should defend a nation.

It should be remembered that the measures ordered by the Chinese government are impacting firms such as Tencent, whose falls in the stock market seem contrary to the fact that they are behind global phenomena such as League of Legends.

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