Chile’s passport remains the most powerful in Latin America

According to the report of passport index from Henley & Partners -which compared the visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations- the Chilean passport is the “most powerful” in Latin America, after being ranked first in the region.

At a global level, the passport granted by the Civil Registry to citizens of our country ranked number 16. It was highlighted that allows you to enter 174 destinations without the need to process a visa.

The first places, meanwhile, are occupied by Japan (192 destinations), Singapore (192), Germany (190), South Korea (190) and Finland (189).

Meanwhile, the “worst” passports in the world are in the Middle East, being the last one on the list Afghanistan, which allows entry to only 26 countries without the need for a prior visa.

There are also Yemen (33), Pakistan (31), Syria (29) and Iraq (28).

This index is made on the basis of data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with information in addition to Henley & Partners. The classification includes 199 passports and 227 different travel destinations and is updated quarterly.

What aspects does the Henley & Partners index consider?

First, for each destination, if a visa is not required for holders of a country’s passports it is given a score of 1.

Points are also added if passport holders can have a visa when entering the destination, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authorization (ETA).

This classification has historical data for 17 years. Since then, Chile has positioned itself within the 30 best places, being the best in the Latin American region since 2016.

The other countries in the region that stand out have been Brazil and Argentina, which this year occupy 19 and 20 places respectively.

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