Chilean actress is part of “Peacemaker”, the new DC series

They say that there is a Chilean everywhere. A saying that has turned out to be true many times, even in the world of cinema and television.

This has been possible to see in large productions such as The Mandalorian The Game of Thrones with Pedro Pascal or in the new movie of John Wick with actor Marko Zaror.

However, today a new national actress has made the name of our country great. Is about Alison Araya, a Chilean-Australian who will be part of Peacemaker, the new bet from DC and HBO Max.

Araya’s incorporation was shared, and celebrated, by director James Gunn himself. The creative shared the good news on his Twitter noting that Surprising, actually. Alison Araya and Lenny Jacobson breaking it up with the gang. “

It should be noted that the artist has been cultivating her career for a couple of years in the United States. It is thanks to this that it has managed to appear in large productions of the stature of Riverdale, Arrow, Julie and the Phantoms, and more.

Peacemaker, the new bet of DC Comics and HBO

Peacemaker It is called the series with which DC Comics hopes to conquer fans of superheroes (and antiheroes). After much speculation, the show hit the HBO MAX screens today exclusively.

The show tells the story Christopher Smith o Peacemaker, character that we were able to see for the first time on the big screen the latest movie of The Suicide Squad.

The Serie, starring John Cena himself, it already has its first reviews and fortunately they are quite positive.

“The show expands on the foul-mouthed and unrepentant trash action of The Suicide Squad. Eight episodes of curses, stadium rock, and body horror, all wrapped up in surprisingly moving character-driven drama »says one of the reviews.

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