Chile will open its borders to foreigners who have certain vaccines

The Chilean Ministry of Health announced this Wednesday a series of modifications to the “Protected Border” plan, which will take effect on October 1. The country will open its borders to foreigners who have vaccines validated by their government and meet another series of requirements.

The information was released by the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, who detailed on Twitter how the plan will be implemented. In the first place, Chileans and foreigners residing in Chile who have the “Mobility Pass” (it does not include minors without the pass) or with an “exceptional permit to leave the country” will be able to leave the country., obtained through the virtual police station. Non-resident foreigners can also leave.

Meanwhile, Chileans and foreigners residing in the country may enter Chile (they can do so from any border pass) and non-resident foreigners who have the “Mobility Pass” or comply with any cause of Decree 102 of the Ministry of the Interior.

To obtain the “Mobility Pass”, they must first complete the vaccination validation process through the website:

Regarding the entry requirements for Chileans and resident foreigners, it is specified that the affidavit of travelers must be submitted, which is processed at and a negative PCR test (Sample taking up to 72 hours before boarding).

As for non-resident foreigners, a sworn declaration of travelers will be requested (, the negative PCR test (taking a sample up to 72 hours before boarding as well), travel medical insurance (minimum coverage 30,000 dollars) and the mobility pass, which in order to obtain it, the vaccine validation process must be previously done at

Finally, the isolation measures that people must comply with when entering Chile were specified. All travelers must do a “strict isolation at declared address.” People with a mobility pass will have to isolate themselves for five days, while those who do not have the pass will have to isolate themselves for seven days.

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