Chicho Serna shot Cardona, Villa, Conmebol and the Superclásico referee

While Boca thinks about finishing the semester in the best way and qualifying for the next Copa Libertadores, the Soccer Council will have to define questions regarding the future of three key players: Cristian Pavón, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa. In this regard, the former player and current manager of the club Mauricio Serna confessed on ESPN his desire for Kichán to continue in the club, at the same time he criticized the Colombians for their decisions in recent months.

One of the main issues that Boca will have to resolve is the continuity of Cristian Pavón, whose contract expires in June next year and who, if not renewed, will allow the player to negotiate from January to go free in June.

In this regard -and while Xeneize tries to convince the player to stay- Serna arrived with praise in dialogue with ESPN: “Pavón’s present gives us great happiness. The last game he played was spectacular. We want these good players to stay For a long time at the club, that is an explicit desire of mine as a fan. The dream and illusion of all of us is that he maintains this high level and stays in Boca. I hope the negotiation with him can be turned around. “

Cardona and Villa, in the axis of the storm with Boca

In considering Chicho, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa seem to be on the opposite side of Pavón. The former lost ground in the consideration of the leaders, the coaching staff and the fans after refusing to return directly from the Copa América to play the series with Atlético Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores. The second, meanwhile, is still apart after having tried to force his exit to Bruges in Belgium.

In this regard, Serna did not hide his anger at the decisions that both of his compatriots made: “With regard to Edwin, the way it hurts, I did not like it. As a Boca fan I did not accept it and I will not accept it because it was It was a very important moment for the club and he is a decisive player. Sebastian’s was not the way either. I didn’t like either of the two decisions. “

Serna and Boca’s anger over Conmebol’s sanction

The series against Atlético Mineiro ended in a true pitched battle after what were the two legal goals that annulled Xeneize and that would have allowed them to advance in the competition. Days ago, the very severe sanction to Boca from Conmebol was known, which curiously did not sanction the Brazilian team for the facts.

For Serna, the sanction was not only extreme but also makes him believe that there is animosity from Conmebol towards the Ribera club: “In the whole club there is a lot of concern about the strong actions taken against Boca, but it is something alien to us. From the history we have, Conmebol’s sanction seems very offensive to me, it seems that they have something against our club. “

Serna and the Superclásico against River: “The referee did not want him to have started”

The Superclásico against River is still remembered with anger in Boca for what was the early expulsion of Marcos Rojo, something that Juan Román Riquelme, second vice president of the club, was in charge of pointing out as a wrong decision on the part of the referee.

Although Riquelme said that time that the referee “could be wrong”, Serna went a little further and directly assured that he had a complete impact on the result. “It seems to me that there was no game because the expulsion was decisive, the referee did not want him to have started. River calmly, with the level he has, can win with any referee and he does not need the judge’s hand to do it,” he shot.

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