Chef Herrera outraged because they did not warn him that he is not part of MasterChef Junior

Chef Herrera had been part of the MasterChef jury for nine seasons, and now it is said extremely outraged because you have not been advised that you are no longer part of the famous reality show de TvAzteca and had to find out by other means.

A whole controversy was made when Benito Molina left the cooking contest, now he is the Chef Adrián Herrera who uses their social networks like Twitter and instagram to say goodbye to MasterChef, that although the formal notice has not been made, he has already learned from the media.

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In February 2022 it has been confirmed is the premiere date of the new season of the program that has had a worldwide success in their respective countries, now there are 20 children who aspire to be the best chef in MasterChef Junior.

With a series of photographs, Chef Herrera shares an extensive text that begins with a greeting and then declares that he is most surprised, since he found out from Internet publications and not from the television station that already does not participate in MasterChef México.

“Nor was I given a reason why this. I suppose this is due to decisions made by the Talent managers of said television station. The truth is a pity, because I would have liked to find out through them, but that did not happen. “details Chef Herrera.

The one born in Houston, Texas but who has lived much of his life in Monterrey, Nuevo León, qualifies as inconceivable the fact that have not taken the courtesy to advise you personally, after collaborating for more than six years in MasterChef.

But the character and the good vibes of the renowned chef mean that the astute does not cause him any problem, in such a way he writes:

“Here I am and we will continue to see each other, through my social networks, my editorial projects, my restaurants and of course in MasterChef Latinos, which will soon be released in the United States”

As if that were not enough, it does a whole thanks to the public That was followed all the seasons of MasterChef México and even the technical production team, to then go a little deeper and say that at the end of the day, we are all running out of time, for some reason or another, or without it.

Chef Herrera outraged that he was not told that he is not part of MasterChef Junior. Photo: Special

With everything and farewell, Adrián Herrera shared a photo of his arm, where a tattoo, it is about the famous masterchef logo and now it has remained as a beautiful memory of what it was like as a jury for the Mexico edition of the cooking contest.

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“MasterChef is an important part of my story and that is not erased,” he writes on his social networks, and now he has remained like couples who end their love affair and have gotten a love tattoo, and now what do we do with The tattoo for life? The good thing is that Chef Herrera has taken it from the friendly side.

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