Chef Herrera is fired from MasterChef, he finds out through social networks

MEXICO.- Through his Instagram account, the famous chef Adrián Herrera announced that he will not be part of the next edition of MasterChef Junior and although he thanked the members of the production for their support throughout the project, he emphasized that he would have liked to know in another way of your dismissal.

For several hours, the news has been circulating on social networks and in the media that chef Herrera is saying goodbye to MasterChef, which will continue with its Junior edition. However, according to the message published by the judge of the program, he himself I was not aware of this decision of the managers and found out through the news that were circulating.

“Hello, friends and followers of MasterChef México. I am telling you something that has surprised me: I find out, through the media and not through the corresponding channels of the television station, that I will no longer participate in this edition of MasterChef Junior. I was not given a reason either why of this. I suppose that this is due to decisions made by the directors of Talent of said television “, reads at the beginning of his message.

Then he comments that this treatment bothers him towards him considering that he has worked on the show for many years.

“The truth is a pity, because I would have liked to find out through them, but that did not happen. Inconceivable that after 9 seasons and almost 6 years of being part of this project they have not taken the courtesy of notifying me personally,” he adds .

Later, chef Herrera commented that he will continue with his other projects, which also include participating in an American edition of the cooking show. “That’s the way it is. No problem: here I am still and we will continue to see each other, Through my social networks, my editorial projects, my restaurants and of course in MasterChef Latinos, which will soon be released in the US “, he commented.

Although his exit from the program does not appear to be on the best terms, the chef reiterated your thanks to the team who supported him during his years as a judge and reflected on how important it was for him to have been a part of MasterChef.

“Thanks to you, who followed us all these years, thanks to MasterChef’s technical team, enormous, who made the program possible and a recognition to all the people who are no longer part of the program but who were essential to its success. Look, we are all running out of time, for some reason or another, and many times without it. Now it was my turn. But the time comes for all of us, sooner or later. That is sure. MasterChef is an important part of my story and that does not fade. We keep seeing each other! “, Concluded the chef.

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