Check out the first gameplay trailers of the Saints Row reboot

Trailers feature gameplay and city districts Santo Ileso

O reboot de Saints Row was recently announced and now gets an official trailer showing the city of Santo Ileso and its districts. In addition Game Informer had access to another trailer showing a bit of gameplay and what Volition’s new open world has to offer.

The gameplay trailer makes it clear that this is a build pré-alpha. You can see right from the start how the locomotion by vehicle. With a hit-and-run right away, you can see how the vehicle behaves in a collision with bushes and branches. Although physics seems okay, when jumping, it looks like you can move the direction of the car in the air.

Soon after, a night walk showing some NPCs and a situation involving police and firefighters, all everyday in the unsafe Santo Ileso. At times when distant scenarios are shown, such as the city itself and the desert region, you can see that the textures of buildings and rocks in the desert are blurry and lacking in detail.. The same doesn’t happen walking the streets. Remembering that it is a pre-alpha build.

The trailer made available by the Koch Media, distribuidora do reboot de Saints Row, is the first in a series showing the game world. In this trailer you can see more action with gunfire and vehicles plus short cutscenes. According to the creative director, Brian Traficante, Santo Ileso will have 15 districts.

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“Each district has its own way, its own points of interest, its own inhabitants and daily life”, says the creative director. Rancho Providencia will be controlled by the “Los Panteros” gang, born and raised in the region. The district dominated by Los Panteros reflects the gang style of the streets.

“Lakeshore” is the urban center of Santo Ileso with many buildings and busy streets. Monte Vista concentrates the wealth of the region inhabited by the “rich and powerful” with many mansions and big cars. “The city of Santo Ileso is richly populated, with its own points of interest and discovery opportunities that will reward players,” says Brian Traficante.

Saints Row reboot arrives at February 25, 2022 para PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Store), Xbox One e  Xbox Series X|S.


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Via: WCCFtech, Game Informer

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