Charros strikes first in the final against Tomateros

With a sacrifice fly by Japhet Amador, reinforcement Esteban Quiroz sealed the winning run and the Charros they left the tomato growers of Culiacan after defeating them 2-1 in the first duel of the grand final.

The game reached its peak. It was a tight pitching duel where the Caporales won it dramatically in extra innings to take advantage of a win in the race for the Mexican Pacific League title.

Charros put a number on the house from the start of the match.

Japhet Amador set the stands on fire with a shot for José Juan Aguilar to ring in the race for the pool in the first episode.

But the opportune batting was absent again. The Caporales had a full house and only one out in the second inning, but they left empty-handed.

What seemed like a good omen for Jalisco’s offense turned into a tight pitching duel at the Pan American Stadium.

Orlando Lara He had more than fulfilled his job as a starter with Charros. He prescribed five strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings, allowing no runs and only allowing three hits; however, the Blue and White ninth only won 1-0 on the scoreboard, as Anthony Vásquez only conceded a hairline in his five-inning opening with Tomateros.

After connecting seven hits in the first five episodes, the Guadalajara men were silenced. They had just three hits between the sixth and 11th innings without being able to do any damage.

Charros played with the slightest advantage and the offense delegated the task to the bullpen. Alexandro Tovalín and Alemao Hernández made the ring of the sixth episode, but David Richardson could not with the package reliever and gave up the tying run for the Guindas on the seventh roll.

Jared Wilson came to the rescue and blanked Tomateros in the last 2.1 innings, but the score was still tied at 1-1. Everything was defined in extra innings until the twelfth episode, when Japhet Amador finally drove in the winning run for Jalisco on the spikes of “Pony” Quiroz.

Charros and Tomateros will play the second battle for the title this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. from the Zapopan ball park, where the ninth side of Guadalajara will seek to increase their lead in the series.

Salvador Quirarte presented his vaccination certificate yesterday to enter the stadium. THE INFORMER/M. Navarrese

Ex-partner congratulates the new board of directors of Charros

Salvador Quirarte, who was responsible for returning professional baseball to Perla Tapatia, and one of the former owners of the Charros de Jalisco for seven seasons, returned to the stadium yesterday after a year of absence, but now in another role.

“Now I come to enjoy myself without pressure. I am very happy because the team is in the final and I am here to support them. We have to take advantage of the fact that we opened and closed at home to achieve that championship”, he said.

“This hobby deserves it. I see a strong, structured and united team. The new board of directors has been doing a great job and giving continuity to the project that Charros already has since returning to the League.”

The former director of the Charros congratulated the leaders of the current project and assured that the team maintains its identity with the base of players such as Amadeo Zazueta, Orlando Lara, Manny Rodríguez and Agustín Murillo.


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