Charros leave Tomateros lying in the first game of the final series

A sacrifice fly by Japhet Amador in the twelfth inning ended a worthy final game of the Mexican Pacific League tonight, where after 5:20 hours the Charros de Jalisco beat Tomateros de Culiacán 2-1 and they stayed with the first game of the series at the Pan American Stadium.

After eleven and a half innings where the duel did not go anywhere, Stephen Quiroz He got his first hit of the game against Santiago Gutierrez and, after moving to third base, Amador came to tow him with a fly ball to center field that left the current two-time champions of the LMP lying on the ground.

Joseph John Aguilar He took the first at-bat for the locals and hit a double, before being towed to the plate with a single from Japhet Amador. Aguilar himself walked to load the bases in the second down, but Esteban Quiroz and Christian Villanueva they were overpowered and the score remained at 1-0.

Despite only allowing three hits during his start, Orlando Lara was replaced in the sixth can by Alexandro Tovalín, who complied by fanning Joey Meneses and then he himself had to give his place to German Hernandez.

The Sinaloans also changed their pitcher on the sixth roll, and it was David Gutierrez who was in charge of taking out the batch without harm to his team in substitution of Anthony Vásquez.

the input of David Richardson was not so fruitful for Charros in the seventh inning, since the reliever was greeted with an unstoppable Stevie Wilkerson and then the same runner tied things 1-1 with a single by Jose Guadalupe Chavez.

Charros and Tomateros will meet again this Saturday for the second game of the series, when Javier Solano and Nick Struck climb the hill for their respective teams, starting at 5:00 p.m. (Sonora time).

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