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But the amazement at the words chigüiro, arepa and panela soon begin to fall behind and the gaze is captivated by a wildly fun rhythm and a lot of emotion. Charm it also makes you laugh and shed some tears. The audience connects with the true message, which is none other than to pay tribute to the beauty and strength of the Madrigal family, who after suffering loss and pain, were blessed with magic and amazing powers like Mirabel’s cousin , Antonio, a boy who can talk to animals.

New movie poster Encanto

New movie poster Encanto

Charm really discovers, she is fun to the best of her ability and knows how to bring very dramatic and profound moments in a good balance.

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Mirabel cannot control the weather like Aunt Pepa, change shape or have the enormous strength of her sister Luisa, something that affects her a little, but which she later understands is an essential part of her role as protector of her family. The truth, the drama it is overcome with turns of humor that arrive at the right time.

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