Charlotte’s fashion outfit in “Plan Cœur”

The third and final season of the French Netflix series, “Plan Cœur”, has been released on the platform. We follow the adventures (and misadventures) of Elsa, Charlotte and Émilie, three inseparable Parisian friends. In the previous two seasons, Elsa was depressed after her breakup with her boyfriend, and got caught up in a bad plan, created from scratch by her two best friends. The latter, tired of seeing her rehashing her old love story, decide to hire a gigolo, Jules, in order to draw a line under her ex for good. In this last season, the friendship between the three friends is put to the test between successes, sorrows and love.

The character of Charlotte: a bubbly young woman

Charlotte – played by Sabrina Ouazani – is one of Elsa’s best friends. Thirty-something living in Paris, she is a bubbly, funny and resourceful young woman (not always good, we grant you). Charlotte Ben Smires has a strong character and does not allow herself to be walked on, but she struggles to find a job in which she fully blossoms. So much so that she does odd jobs, sometimes selling cabbage or ice cream. She fears commitment and refuses for a time to have a serious relationship. But that was without taking into account her crush on Maxime, with whom she ends up in a relationship during the second season, and who is none other than the ex who broke the heart of her best friend Elsa.

Her wardrobe: typical “Parisian” looks

Charlotte’s style of dress is the very example of that attributed to the cliché of the Parisian or the Frenchwoman internationally, that is to say the relaxed but chic, and above all simple style. Slightly casual, minimalist and seemingly effortless, Charlotte’s “French” look is ideal for everyday life. In his wardrobe, we find beautiful essential basics, such as perfectly cut straight jeans, a pair of classic sneakers (Gazelles from Adidas for example), a chic chain bag, faux leather shorts, a beautiful gray blazer plaid, a white suit jacket, and quality sweaters with a few touches of color. We add a good dose of t-shirts with a vintage pattern or logo that give a cool or rock touch to a simple outfit, and voila: we have the perfect dressing room for the sparkling character of “Plan Cœur”. But the protagonist manages to twist these outfits thanks to some more daring and original clothes. We think in particular of her coat with a pink sheepskin effect, which she wears several times in the second season of the series. If the material of the jacket is all the trendiest this season – with the return of faux fur on our bags, shoes, cardigan collars, coats etc. – its color is less classic and more pop, but is ideal for sprucing up basic outfits. Charlotte can also adopt more streetwear looks, for example by combining a denim mini-skirt with a pair of skater-style Vans sneakers, or by daring the classic bomber jacket which energizes an outfit. His versatile but always relaxed and stylish style is a real source of inspiration.

© Remy Grandroques / Netflix

The good inspirations

If you want to copy Charlotte’s outfits, nothing too complicated. We look at recent fashion shows, in particular that of Celine, whose universe of the fall-winter 2021/2022 collection fits perfectly with the style of the character. The brand’s casual and casual chic silhouettes represent the French style par excellence. There are straight jeans, slightly oversized blazer jackets, casual jackets made from noble materials, bomber-style parkas and chunky sweaters with high collars. We also steal a few pieces from Saint Laurent’s fall-winter 2021/2022 collection – such as iridescent mini-skirts or blazer jackets – or even that of Isabel Marant over the same season, where bombers, straight jeans, waist shorts high top and colorful knits combine wonderfully and perfectly match Charlotte’s silhouettes. Here is a selection of pieces to shop if you want to copy the looks of the character.

Stephanie Branchu : Netlfix

© Stéphanie Branchu / Netflix

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