Charges to the expara Hernán Giraldo for child abuse after his demobilization – Crimes – Justice

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During the investigation, the investigating entity pointed out that the former head of the so-called Tayrona Resistance Bloc of the extinct Auc would be responsible for the crimes of violent carnal access, abusive carnal access with a minor under 14 years of age, forced abortion, human trafficking and conspiracy to commit a crime. .

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“The evidence shows that four minors they had been admitted on several occasions to the La Ceja and Itagüí (Antioquia), and La Modelo de Barranquilla (Atlántico) prisons, where Giraldo Serna was held in custody, “the investigating entity said.

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In these prisons, the minors were allegedly sexually abused and subjected to various illicit acts by the former paramilitary chief, known as ‘el Patron’, ‘el Viejo’, ‘Taladro’ or ‘el Señor de la Sierra’.

According to the investigation of the accusing body, these sexual abuses were carried out with the support of one of Giraldo Serna’s employees, who is accused of having provided the young women with accommodation, clothing, jewelry and other items so that they would have access to sexual purposes. .

In addition, within the framework of the investigative process, it was established that one of the victims of these behaviors became pregnant and was forced to abort.

-‘Hijackers forced their victims to dig a hole ‘: Police

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