Charges are filed against sociologist Fabián Sanabria for alleged sexual abuse – Crimes – Justice

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For this reason, a working group was created within the Sexual Crimes Unit of the Sectional Directorate of Prosecutors of Bogotá, in order to carry out a detailed study and analysis of each of the cases presented.

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After that analysis, reported the accusing body, it led to the opening of the case against Sanabria for which charges were brought against him. These are events that occurred on September 23, 2013, when the defendant today summoned a young man to his apartment, located in the Las Aguas sector, in the center of Bogotá, who was interested in receiving his resume for get a job.

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The investigation established that, during the meeting, the teacher would have brined the 25-year-old young man with a dark drink that made him dizzy. Later, he would have kissed him and, although the visitor tried to flee and resist, apparently the teacher used violence to subdue him and sexually abused him.

Faced with the accusation, Sanabria Sánchez did not accept the charge attributed to him by the Prosecutor’s Office, for which the process will continue to trial.

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