Chapped lips: how to treat dry lips?

In winter, it is not uncommon for mercury to flirt with zero. Add these cold temperatures to a little dry wind and it will take no less to manhandle our lips. Results ? Dryness, chapping and dead skin form. How to cure it ? What are the do’s and don’ts? We put our questions to two experts in the field: Nina Roos, dermatologist in Paris and Orianne Valentin, head of cosmetic formulation at Aroma-Zone. Their advice to get rid of our chapped lips.

Dry lips: what are the causes of chapped lips?

In addition to constitutional (in other words innate) skin dryness or strong acne treatments for example, having chapped lips is not uncommon, especially in winter. “The skin on the lips is five times thinner than on the rest of the face,” explains Orianne Valentin. The lips are devoid of a hydrolipidic film – which contributes to the protection, hydration and softness of the skin tissues – and are therefore more sensitive to external aggressions ”. Faced with the cold, the wind, and even the sun (yes, the sea or skiing), the skin dryness of the lips and the appearance of chapped or even microcracks can be felt.

Small everyday actions to prevent chapped lips?

To avoid the risks of dryness and chapping as much as possible, the two experts agree that a lip balm can be applied daily. “Composed of fatty substances, the balm forms a protective film on the surface of the lips and protects them from dehydration and external aggressions”, specifies Orianne Valentin. In addition, the expert advises to avoid the application of “matte lipsticks which have a strong drying power” and especially to “carefully remove make-up from the lips (like the rest of the face, editor’s note) every evening” with a balm or a cleansing oil, ideal for cleansing and moisturizing the skin at the same time. Finally, it is essential to have “a healthy lifestyle, to drink 1.5 liters of water per day to hydrate your body from the inside and to eat in a balanced way with a diet rich in vitamins”, explains- she does.

How to quickly relieve chapped or cracked lips?

Lip care: the right gestures to adopt

If, despite these preventive actions, our lips are chapped, how to react? Well, it is very simple. It is essential to “nourish and repair the skin of the lips,” says Nina Roos. For this, we ideally turn to a lip balm or butter that we apply at least 3 times a day ”. While it is quite commendable to choose one of the many lip sticks offered for sale, the best lip care products to adopt depending on the skin tone are without hesitation petroleum jelly or shea butter.

Chapped lips: gestures to be banned

There are gestures to adopt but others just as important to ban to help our lips to repair themselves without hindrance. First, we must “avoid pulling on the skin and licking the lips, because the saliva aggravates the problem”, according to the dermatologist. An opinion shared by Orianne Valentin: “indeed, if saliva hydrates at first, it evaporates quickly and tends to dry out the lips more due to the presence of enzymes which dehydrate the tissues”. We therefore avoid biting our lips or moistening them.

Nina Roos also warns against lip scrub. Often advocated for eliminating dead skin and facilitating skin renewal, it is abrasive and therefore irritating for this ultra-fine skin area. To be avoided therefore. “Just like acidic foods or whitening toothpastes that contain abrasive microparticles,” she concludes.

Natural remedies for hydrated lips

Homemade lip care can be “very effective at repairing and sealing cracks,” says Nina Roos. Orianne Valentin, enlightens us on natural ingredients, preferably organic, to be preferred.

Coconut vegetable oil

To nourish dry lips, coconut oil is a must. Its antibacterial compounds make it possible to avoid infections in the event of chapping and micro-cuts at the corners of the lips. It provides ideal lipids to protect against dryness.

Shea Butter

Ultra-nourishing and protective, shea butter is perfect for taking care of chapped and damaged lips. It soothes and relieves cracked lips and facilitates the restructuring of tissues, allowing to find beautiful supple and soft lips.

White cocoa butter

Very protective, vegetable cocoa butter naturally finds its place in the care of chapped lips. It intensely nourishes very dry lips and preserves the natural hydration of the tissues. It also brings its regenerating and repairing benefits to cracked lips.

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