Chano’s incredible story about his drug addiction and the episode with the police that almost cost him his life

Chano Charpentier turned his face. For the first time since he got over the violent episode with the police that almost cost him his life, the musician faced the microphones. And he did it in his own way: he gave an extensive report to Jorge Lanata, on radio Miter, where he talked about all the issues.

“My mom saved my life when I was shot. I made a song for my mom. When you go in, you start looking for all your loves. My mom was also scared by the shows now. Days before the scandal, my mother would come home and find me lying down, this makes me sick, it excites me ”, affirmed the musician.

“I don’t remember anything, my therapist cried next to me, I have a very good relationship with her. They arranged everything in the hospital room, they took out the mirrors, the glasses because they are not used to treating an addict and they behaved very well, I had a nurse always with me and I walked all over the fourth floor “, he said about what happened to the police.

“I am grateful, people have banned me all the ones I did. I am grateful for all those who forgave me. These three shows that I am going to do I am going to take them like going to the office, with controlled euphoria. That has nothing to do with feeding anything, from my place it means being able to reconnect with people “, told about the shows at Luna Park.

“It is bizarre to be hospitalized. I live in a very rigid structure, which I needed. The disease of addiction not only manifests itself with substance use ”, detailed about his addictions.

Tomorrow I finish with an internment phase. Now I continue with an outpatient part. I also keep doing groups, psychiatrists. I stabilized a lot. I am in a phase of great happiness “, added.

“I’m kind of bipolar. I still have the disease without consuming. This allowed me to treat the symptoms and get to know myself. All of this taught me to be patient. At the worst moment he was consuming and calling the dealer crying. The last time I had an outbreak and I don’t remember anything. The last time I was here I lied to you because you told me it was wrong “, reported.

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