Chano broke the silence and spoke about his addictions: "My mom saved my life"

The singer Santiago “Chano” Moreno Charpentier gave an interview to Jorge Lanata, and recalled his last episode with addictions, where he was shot by a policeman and ended up in a therapeutic center.

“The disease is not yet consumed. You become obsessed with people, with food, with places. There are people who can stop, and there are people who live compulsively without realizing that they have a disease“Said the former Tan Biónica in dialogue with the host of “Lanata Without Filter”.

And he added: “The disease I have is obsession and compulsion. I have had this disease since I was a child, I could never eat two cookies, the disease manifests itself with food and anxiety, and the spiritual part of the disease is self-centeredness ”.

“For me, consumption was very sad, it was not social, I needed to be alone, I was paranoid, alone at home, I was going to use crying, I called the dealer crying. When you are in consumption it is very difficult, generally you stop with a rock bottom “, he considered.

“I was calling the dealer crying”

“When I stop using, I have amazing bonds. I’m a good person. It’s wrong for me to say it, but I don’t have troubled relationships when I’m not using. My relationship with consumption is an impulse in my head, I already know myself ”.

Then, he referred to the night of July 25 when he was shot by a policeman in his home, after trying to attack those present with a knife. “I am 40 years old, when I used it looked very bad. The last time I had an outbreak, I don’t remember anything about what happened ”.

“I wake up tied up in the Otamendi. I asked to be released. They gave me medication. I remember that my brother came to tell me what happened. I didn’t believe it, I thought it was something they told me to stop using, ”he explained.

“My doctor was close to me, her name is Mariana, they told me that she was intubated, and that she cried. She cried while intubated,” he added.

Your admission to a therapeutic center

“I’m leaving tomorrow from the hospital where I was a little over two months. I stabilized a lot, I needed it, I’m half bipolar, and now I’m in a blissful phase. It was very bizarre to be hospitalized ”, expressed the singer of Tan Bionica.

Your next shows

“Isn’t it too fast for you to go out and play again?”, The conductor asked him in relation to the three concerts he will give at Luna Park.

“It could be… I’ve already played many times at Luna Park, I have the exercise of being able to control the intensity of the show. Nor did I ask how much I am going to charge. I’m not interested in feeding my ego. I’ve gotten used to a whole country screwing at me and a whole country loving me. I am grateful that all the ones I did have been banked. It does not work for me to lie, it is better to let go, I am grateful. And that there are still people who want to come and see me, “he replied. On the dates at Luna Park, he added: “I’m going to take them like going to an office, with controlled euphoria. It is a blessing. It means being able to connect with people ”.

Your mother’s role in your recovery

“Days before the accident, my mother saw me lying on the bed. I would come into my room crying. My mother saved my life when they shot me, I was going to die worse “, he remembered.

“I made a song for my mom. When you go into the hospital, you start looking for your loves, it is romantic to miss someone “, he said, and recounted how his days were in the Boulogne therapeutic internment center:” I prayed again, they told me ‘take charge of your miracle’ “.

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