After the arson attack that destroyed the facilities of the Termas de Pemehue in Collipulli, the Chamber of Commerce of Temuco said that these actions affect tourism in the area. In addition, the deputy Miguel Mellado (RN) called to decree a State of Siege in the conflict zones.

The Chamber of Commerce of Temuco condemned the arson attack that affected the Pemehue hot springs in Collipulli, indicating that it is a damage to the tourism industry in the region of La Araucanía. In addition, pro-government parliamentarians insist on decreeing a State of Siege in the conflict zone.

It was last Friday night, when armed hooded men arrived at the tourist complex located on the way to Curaco in the Collipulli commune, proceeding to burn several of its dependencies.

Gustavo Valenzuela, president of the Temuco Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that this fact is a blow to tourism in the area and that the groups responsible they just want to instill insecurity in the region.

The attack on the Pemehue hot springs has also been lamented by pro-government parliamentarians, who are requesting to increase security in the area with the presence of military.

Deputy Miguel Mellado, from Renovación Nacional, insisted that the Executive must decree a State of Siege in a conflict zone.

The declaration was also supported by the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism, where the Government is required to take decisive action in establish bridges for dialogue, respect for the rule of law and criminal punishment of those responsible for acts of violence.