The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic instructed the Chiloé Health Service to ask its chief of staff for the reimbursement of wages paid in excess for hours that he would not have worked.

The Chiloé Health Service was instructed by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic to ask its Chief of Staff, Eduardo Andrade, to return the remunerations that were paid in excess, this for overtime in which I would not have worked.

This resolution of the controlling entity was confirmed by the deputy Alejandro Bernales, maintaining that the case involves the official, who is also a Chonchi councilor.

The legislator referred to the content of this report and the administrative steps to be implemented by the health agency.

In that sense, the parliamentarian said that the comptroller’s report added that there would be a duplication of functions between councilor Eduardo Andrade and the elected deputy, Fernando Bórquez, since both would be heads of cabinet of the same Health Service.

The aforementioned chief of staff and councilor, Eduardo Andrade, rejected -through a statement- the statements of deputy Bernales, maintaining that they are facts that are being investigated in an administrative summaryTherefore, there cannot be hasty and unfounded judgments in the face of a process that has not yet finished.

In turn, the Chiloé Health Service leadership agreed to refer to this matter, which at the end of this note had not materialized.