Cerruti, from Punta del Este, resigned her seat as a deputy: she would join the Government Communication

The journalist and writer from Punta Arenas Gabriela Cerruti resigned today from her national deputy seat for the Frente de Todos and would join the communication team of the Presidency of the Nation.

The resignation to the post of legislator was confirmed to NA by sources close to the presidency of the Frente de Todos bloc chaired by Máximo Kirchner in the lower house.

In this way, the Kirchner leader would join the Press and Communication Secretariat coordinated by Juan Ross since the forced departure of Juan Pablo Biondi from that position, accused by Vice President Cristina Kirchner of “operating” against the space that she leads within the government coalition.

In a letter written just after the electoral defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO, Cristina Kirchner fired thick ammunition at whoever was Alberto Fernández’s presidential spokesman and man of extreme confidence.

“Regarding the category of officials who do not work… the presidential spokesperson would escape that classification. It is a rare case: a presidential spokesman whose voice nobody knows, ”the vice president accused Biondi.

Along the same lines, he asked himself: “Does the spokesperson have any other function that we do not know? That of doing off operations for example? A true mystery.”

“I will not continue to tolerate the press operations that are carried out by the presidential environment through its spokesperson on me and on our political space,” concluded the former president in a harsh attack against Biondi. “I will not continue to tolerate the press operations that are carried out on me and on our political space through the presidential environment through its spokesperson.”

Cerruti assumed his seat in the lower house at the end of 2017 by participating in the Buenos Aires payroll of Unidad Ciudadana headed by Daniel Filmus.

In less than two months, on December 10, his mandate expired, and since he was not part of the list of the Frente de Todos (he excluded himself), he had no chance of continuing in office. She will be replaced until the term of office is completed by the current vice president of Enacom, the radical Kirchner Gustavo López.

In the Government, Cerruti would collaborate as a kind of unofficial spokesperson: in fact, it has already begun to give indications of that role by commenting on the intersection in social networks between the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández and the cartoonist Nik.

“Aníbal Fernández’s tweet was a mistake and the minister himself came out to apologize. Sometimes there is excess confidence and we forget that Chicanas from a place of power are delicate. It was not a threat: it was an inappropriate tone,” he considered in radio statements. (NA)

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