This shooting occurred just hours after a homicide registered on the same hill Playa Ancha de Valparaíso, where during the early morning a woman lost her life after receiving a bullet impact in her skull.

It was at 9:50 a.m. this Thursday, while a meeting was being held at the Pequeños Pasos Kindergarten of Cerro Playa Ancha, in the Valparaíso commune, when shots began to be heard in the vicinity of the campus..

The director of the garden, together with the officials who accompanied her to carry out the annual planning, had to take shelter and adopt the rigorous protocols, while waiting for the Carabineros to arrive.

He also confirmed that they met after learning of the murder of a woman at dawn, the first shooting of the day in the sector.

Although it was not directly affected, the Tortuguitas Kindergarten is only a few blocks away from where this new crime occurred.

For this reason, from the Local Public Education Service of Valparaíso – administrator of both campuses – it was decided to suspend the functions of the gardens during this Thursday.

Osvaldo Figueroa, risk preventionist at Pequeños Pasos, confirmed that the protocols established to save workers from the campus, which had no student presence.

Meanwhile, from the Local Public Education Service they reported that this is the seventh time that they must suspend the activities of some enclosure as a result of violent events registered in the area.