CEP: Most prefer than conventional "privilege agreements even if they have to yield"

61 percent of those surveyed by the Center for Public Studies prefers that during the debate for a new Fundamental Charter, the conventional ones privilege the agreements even if they have to give in, according to the study published this Wednesday morning.

While the discussion for the questioned two-thirds quorum to approve the eventual contents continues, only 26 percent want the members of the Constitutional Convention to defend their positions although that implies not reaching agreements, and the remaining 13 percent did not reply.

Chileans’ preferences regarding agreements in the Convention, according to CEP.

On the other hand, on whether a new Constitution will improve conditions in the country, 49 percent thought it would help solve problems, but another 30 percent think it would probably leave it the same.

Those who believe that the current situation would worsen under a new Magna Carta are 15 percent, while 6 percent did not respond.

Expectations regarding the process fell 7 points compared to the results of December 2019, when it scored 56 percent, and more people today believe that things will be the same or worse after a new Constitution is made official.

Expectations of the respondents for the future after the CC.

Carmen Le Foulon, coordinator of the CEP public opinion area, confirmed that the measurement was carried out on 1,443 people between July 25 and September 1, with a margin of error of 2.8 percent and 95 percent confidence.

CEP Survey Sept 2021 by Cooperativa.cl

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