Central visits Banfield, to get up and walk again

Placing any of the tables in front of your eyes would be something of a devious act. The one of positions has to Central anchored in the lower part of it and therefore the reaction becomes indispensable. Then there is the other, the annual (cup classification), which today at least delivers some complicity, but where the obligations also say “present.”


Central aims to qualify for an international cup.

Marcelo Bustamante / The Capital

This is the stage in which the team of the Kily. Because that leading role in Sudamericana today is no longer such after the elimination in the quarterfinals and because all ambitions suffered an alteration. Today the leading role must be achieved inward borders, with a panorama of absolute clarity.

That journey of good results in the local tournament was shelved, just after the farewell in the cup. Of course, thanks to those games that were positive from a numerical point of view (Newell’s, Arsenal and Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero) came the blow in front of Boca and with it the obligation to take the deck, shuffle and give again.

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The best thing about the Kily These days it is to know that those players whom he considers the starting point guard have them at his disposal and without the tormenting fatigue of previous times as it was in the middle of the double competition. But also from that side the challenge is greater. Because now, with only one goal ahead, is where the obligation is strengthened.


With Old between cottons and awaiting confirmation on whether or not it may be, the Kily It points to the fact that regardless of a particular name the team recovers part of the identity that it lost against Boca. In other words, it is the game that drives towards a good result.

For Central It’s been a couple of dates that a new story began in that walk with other goals, but every time you have the chance, it is something that you must ratify. And today in front of Banfield will not be the exception. Because you must first of all show the ability to react, but also the necessary solvency to prevent any shock from hitting the chin. Boca showed him that invulnerability is not his thing and that it is always time to strengthen and grow. It is late-night in the south of Buenos Aires he will face the possibility of showing that the last game was a simple wake-up call. It is up to Central to get back on their feet.

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