Central Norte and Gimnasia y Tiro prepare for a historic match

The Martearena Stadium will be the scene this Sunday, November 28, of a historical match between Central Norte and Gimnasia y Tiro by the semifinal of the Federal A tournament. For the occasion, the capacity will be 100%, which is why they ask to take the necessary precautions.

Prior to the match, the presidents of both clubs, the coordinator of the Central Operations Control and Monitoring Covid-19 (COCS) and the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Salta gave a press conference during the afternoon today.

To its turn, Victor Ola Castro, COCS coordinator, asked both the fans and all those football fans to attend the meeting, lead by example in behavior before, during and after the game.

“It has been implemented at the ticket sales points of both clubs, a vaccination post. Today it started in Gimansia and Tire, tomorrow in both places and until Saturday inclusive. On Saturday in the Martearena parking lot a vaccination and testing post will also be set up“, said.

At the same time, Héctor D ‘Francesco, President of Central Norte, stressed the importance of being able to play the game at home. “You have to enjoy it to the fullest, with all precautions, Going to the field in advance due to the controls that will be available, making yourself available and trying to fully enjoy a historic game that has not been played for a long time and all the conditions are in place for it to be a party. No matter who passes, there will be a Salta on the other side, I hope it is Central, “he said.

For its part, Marcelo Mentesana, president of Gimnasia y Tiro, underlined the campaign of both clubs to reach the semifinal. “They were the objectives we had, to be protagonists in the tournament. It will be a dream match, only surpassed if it had been the final, but it is a very nice match, very important for the province. I believe that we are going to be at the height of the circumstances so that a sporting event comes out that remains in everyone’s memory. It will surely be a great show and may the best man win ”.

The minister Mario Pena He conveyed the message of congratulations from Governor Gustavo Sáenz to the two Salta institutions. “We know and we know what it means and in some way we have been accompanying and linking each other and seeing as the championship progressed how both teams were advancing, with difficulties, overcoming obstacles, arriving today at this stage, an extremely important game for football salteño, to have the possibility that a team reaches the final and to be able to fight it there, for us it is a pride”.

Finally, he indicated that “today we are in some way together calling to be able to enjoy it in our province, to do it as a family, with respect, with all the necessary care and protocols that we must have at this time, that we can all the fans in Take advantage of the vaccination points, advancing with the vaccination is key for the province ”.

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