Céline Dion on the road to recovery: “she will come back” confides her brother and former manager

While Celine Dion’s state of health worries her fans, her brother and sister have given reassuring news.

Since last October 19, the date on which she announced to cancel her big return on stage planned in Las Vegas in early November, the star has not given any news. The fifty-year-old leaves her family to reassure her fans. And according to her brother and sister Michel and Claudette Dion, the star, who suffers from “muscle spasms” as she had said in a press release, is getting better.

“She will come back”

Guests of the Novoo channel, his two elders once again wanted to reassure the public. “She is fine ! She is just recovering from her cramps, ”her brother explained. “There are people taking care of it. Don’t worry, ”he said, before answering a question that torments all his fans: will Celine Dion be able to return to the stage? The 53-year-old singer who never stops signing ever more spectacular shows, never sparing her efforts, will be able to find her audience if we are to believe Michel Dion, who was her manager for 30 years. “She will come back for sure,” he continued. It remains to be seen how long his convalescence will last.

In the meantime, the star is resting this excessively solicited body, according to his sister. In comments reported by Here in mid-November, Claudette Dion had indeed explained: “I think she pushed a little hard and that her muscles are talking to her. Céline wants to give more than the machine allows. This is not the first time that this has happened to him. She must (…) learn to listen to herself ”. His fans are waiting for one thing, that the star finally speaks himself.

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