Celia Lora kisses with another woman in La Casa de los Famosos

Currently, one of the most important characters in Mexican entertainment is the model and media Celia lora. He is currently participating in the reality show The House of the Famous that takes place in Mexico. This program that is broadcast by the signal Telemundo is a Spanish-language adaptation of the reality show franchise Big Brother for USA.

For its part, this reality show presents 16 famous Hispanic personalities willing to expose their true selves as they live together inside the house. Likewise, the audience will be able to see everything that happens within it in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through telemundo.com.

In the first instance, Celia lora, was one of the protagonists of these days since she was participating in a fight with the model Anahí Izali. In addition, on the other hand, he shared a video where he sees how the group says goodbye to Kimberly on The House of the Famous.

However, this time, the daughter of Alex Lora Again, it is a trend in various news portals of the show when a video goes viral where she can be seen hugging and kissing with another of the participants of the aforementioned program. The host Karla Gomez shared in their networks a video where you can see Celia being hugged and kissed by Alicia machado.

Changing the subject, this great fame that the beautiful brunette possesses is reflected in the social networks Since every time you post your followers immediately react with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising your spectacular beauty as well as everything you share.

In addition, Celia lora, He posted in his states of the mentioned social network of the little camera and shared the aforementioned audiovisual clip. This shows that the popularity of the Aztec has no limits and that she is one of the candidates to win the aforementioned reality show.


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