Celia Lora gets a tremendous surprise after the kiss that Alicia Machado stole

Anahí Izcali went down in history, the situation within “The House of the Famous”, and this time Celia Lora again starred in a scandal after being surprised by an intense kiss from Alicia Machado.

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Alicia Machado ended up showing her bust in the pool after putting on her flip-flops and doing many disfigurements, so much was the ex’s euphoria Miss Universe that, although the water was freezing, he did not mind leaving everyone in the house speechless.

Although nothing messed about, since apparently the relationship with Celia Lora was fractured, but still I stole a tremendous kiss, which was also very well received by the daughter of Alex Lora, not settling for one but for several at the moment.

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Despite the fact that many people witnessed Alicia Machado’s behavior, the next day she lost her memory According to her, since she claimed that she did not remember the very controversial show she had given the night before, the alcohol allegedly turned her into something she is not.

What she did accept was the tremendous kiss that she stole from Celia Lora, although it is a past issue for her, since she does not want to be reminded of what those extra cups caused. Alex Lora’s daughter has not said anything about the burning moment that both lived participants.

We cannot deny that Celia Lora is a beauty, this is shown by her photos in instagram, which do not get rid of an infinity of likes, as well as comments about how irresistible it is. This was one of the reasons why it was so criticized by Anahí Izcali.

Since the fight became very intense after this participant accused Celia Lora of being a murderer and an exhibitionist for dedicating herself to posing in little clothes for a men’s magazine, in addition to having her pages where it uploads very explicit content about it.

Although let me tell you that Celia at no time was silent, yelling at Anahi Izali that she was a “scort” and to shut up because she had a child to support, a secret that put her nerves on edge. Unleashing a fight that was just a few blows away.

Many surprises await us in “La Casa de los Famosos” for Telemundo, so do not miss the following chapters, which will surely leave us with our mouths open about what may happen. For now one of the most prominent has been the famous Celia Lora.

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